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Debian Clusters for Education and Research

Hosted at the University of Northern Iowa

This site is a series of step-by-step tutorials for anyone interested in building a Debian cluster. It is geared particularly towards those interested in a Debian cluster for education or research purposes. This site is being written alongside the construction of a real Debian cluster at my institute, starting from the ground (basic networking, DHCP, DNS, authentication) up through installation a queue/scheduler and scientific software.

However, these tutorials and guides take some assumptions about users for granted, including basic Linux and Debian knowledge (see the Basic Linux Skills page for clarification and pointers to resources). This is not meant as an introduction to Debian or on how to cluster in general - thankfully, there are plenty of helpful tutorials and guides already in existence on those topics. A basic understanding of Debian and cluster technology will aid in following the tutorials.

Comments, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Please send them to the project leads, Kristina (Kay) Wanous, at kwanous <at> debianclusters <dot> org or Paul Gray at gray <at> cs <dot> uni <dot> edu.

About the Debian Clusters Project

Project Overview

Setting up Debian

Setting up Firewall Services

Setting up Services

Creating Head Node and Worker Node Images

Cloning Worker Nodes

  • First, make sure the above services are set up for the head node and worker.

Cluster Time-saving Tricks

Setting up Scientific Software on Debian

Using a Scheduler and Queue

Using Torque and Maui:

Cluster Monitoring on the Web

Advanced Network Topologies


Networking Tools

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node images
web monitoring